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Why Men Hate Modern Classical Music?!!!

Modern Classical Music
The new book, “The Music Instinct" written by philip ball, explains the reason for people's aversion towards modern classical music. The book does a comparison between traditional and modern classical music, with scientific retrospects.
Many audiences find the modern classical music very difficult to listen to. The listener's brains ought to struggle to the track patterns, which is required to understand the compositions. The listeners should find the patterns of the music to make sense of it and interpret it as a musical composition. So the modern symphonies may simply confuse the listeners.
Traditional classical music follows strict patterns and formulas, which allows the listener's brain to follow and make sense of the sounds properly.
philip ball also presents some latest scientific studies from neuroscientists, which shows that structure and patterns in music are essential for the enjoyment of music. He thinks that modern classical music is impossible to listen to.

How Music Affects Your Pregnancy?!!!

Listening music during pregnancy can affect your unborn child positively. Although there is no conclusive research as of now that proves the connection between sounds during pregnancy and how it affects the baby, we have some small anecdotes that can help us to understand. To begin with we have to know what kind of music are we talking about?
What kind of music during pregnancy is good for your baby?
Pregnancy Music

Loud sounds during pregnancy disturb the unborn baby. You must not play hard rock, heavy metal or grunge music. Any kind of sounds that are discordant are not good for the baby's brain development.
Babies like a sort of comforting repetitive musical strains. It helps them build a sense of familiarity. Harmonious music like classical music will stimulate the baby positively. Mozart's musical operas are very good for you to listen during your pregnancy. So are the ragas of Indian classical music.
How does music help the unborn baby?
As of now there is no clear cut answer to this question. All we can say is that baby does hear and respond to the music as early as the first trimester of your pregnancy.
A research by Dr. Rene Van de Carr indicates that the baby paces its breathing according to beats of the music. So the more relaxing music you listen to, the slower the pace of your baby's breathing will be. The corollary is also true. If your list to fast peppy music during pregnancy, your child will breathe faster and that is a sign of anxiety.
Apart from helping the baby, listening music during pregnancy can help you get over your doldrums. Music is one of the best cures for pregnancy blues. This is because, if you are happy, your child in your womb feels the positive vibes. So if are not found of listening music start doing it for your baby.
How loud should you play music during pregnancy?
This is a vital question that most people do not address. If you want the music to reach the baby in your womb directly, then you will have to play it really close to your belly. Many mothers place head phones on their belly. However, this is not medically advisable. If the sound waves travel directly to the womb then it might be too loud for the comfort of your baby. If you play music in this way, then the time period should not exceed an hour.
Another way is to turn on the music in the stereo system as you go about your work or just relax. Here too, the volume should not exceed 70 decibels. It is better not to make any other sounds when the music is playing so that the baby hears only the melodious strains.

Music Therapy Helps Boost Creativity, Here Is How?!!!

Happy music can help get your creative juices flowing, say scientists who found listening to happy melodies may help generate more, innovative solutions as compared to silence.
Researchers, including those from University of Technology Sydney in Australia, had 155 participants complete questionnaires and split them into experimental groups.
Each group listened to one of four different types of music that were categorised as calm, happy, sad, or anxious, depending on their emotional valence (positive, negative) and arousal (high, low), while one control group listened to silence.
After the music started playing, participants performed various cognitive tasks that tested their divergent and convergent creative thinking.
music and creativity
Participants who came up with the most original and useful solutions to a task scored higher in divergent creativity, while participants who came up with the single best possible solution to a task scored higher in convergent creativity.
Researchers found that listening to happy music, which they define as classical music that is positive valence and high in arousal, facilitates more divergent creative thinking compared to silence.
The variables involved in the happy music condition may enhance flexibility in thinking, so that additional solutions might be considered by the participant that may not have occurred to them as readily if they were performing the task in silence, researchers said.
This study shows that creative cognition may be enhanced through music.
Researchers suggest that the study may also demonstrate that music listening could promote creative thinking in inexpensive and efficient ways in various scientific, educational and organisational settings.
The study was recently published in the journal PLOS ONE.

World Music Day Special: Quotes From Readers!!

Longfellow quite rightly said, "Music is the universal language of mankind". Music is a language which everyone understands irrespective of the individual differences. It's 21st June and we are celebrating World Music Day today. Have you ever wondered why world music day is celebrated?
It was UNO which declared the 21st June of every year to be celebrated as world music day. The idea behind this was to keep a thought afresh in minds of people that creativity drives a nation.
World Music Day Special: Quotes From Readers
So, Boldsky conducted a survey to celebrate music on this day. We asked our readers what 'MUSIC' means to them. It is just noise or a melody or a means of soul searching. As expected the response was appalling. Here is what music means to our readers:
"Music is how I teleport through space and time. Sitting at my computer in California in 2013, I travel to England to the website of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (www.efdss.org) and in their archives I open up a scanned copy of a music book that was printed in 1794. I whip out my trusty soprano recorder and I'm off, playing the tune that was all the rage 219 years ago. I've travelled the nooks and crannies of the world through music, and I have spoken heart to heart with the world. Nothing else compares." - Lorna Joy Shashinda
" Music -----the second need of human, i believe in music." - Ashok Kumar Poddar
" Music is a companion who brings your smiles back when you are low. It's something you can rely on for support. There are some songs that can make me feel better in whatever distress I'm in..I feel only music has that power to play with our thoughts and even change them! Music to me is everything, I can survive a day without food, but not without music.." - Siji S Ram
" Music is Mood changer, if i am sad and if listen to sad music that means i am gonna be more sad, hence if in sad mood if i listen to some peppy song definitely my changes for sometime. Ya some nice songs can take me to past also. One can relate certain things/person with Music as well. Some songs can take you back in past and one can visualise that moment and that particular song." - Pankaj Shaw
"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." - Belal Jafri
" Music is something that you can't stay without. It is almost a part of your life! when you are happy, you listen to music, when you are sad, you turn up soft music. The playlist is what you need to get over something and stay happy! MUSIC HEALS EVERYTHING!" - Amrisha Sharma
"While listening to soft music, I feel that I am living with myself. It reminds me the purpose of my life." - Ram Singh
"Silence is also a music." - Arun Mozhi Varman
"Music is Inspiration.Music is God. Music is in every element of universe. A child's laughter can be music to some ears whereas the rattling sound of the coins in the piggy bank can be music for someone. Music is the only string that connects all hearts across boundaries, across cultures and beyond religions. If your music can bring a smile on someone's face or a tear in someone's eye trust me you are the best musician in the world. Listen to songs, compose a song, try scribbling some lyrics on a paper.who knows on this World's Music Day today you discover an artist in yourself!" - Pallavi Shroff
"Music is a pain killer."- Keerthi Varma
" Music is like a common religion. It is one of the ways to reach the spiritual high or god in some ways. Every kind of music has the the capacity to take you to the divine." - Anwesha Barari
"Music washes away the stress of life to relieve the soul and uplift it." - Sucheta Patra
"A way to get relaxed from all the stress" - Kalpana Rana
"It is the expression of deep emotions and feelings." - Mukesh Kumar Mishra
"Music is Life. It is the only thing which anyone can feel and understand. Its the best way to express your feelings and the only way to find yourself." - Manoj Kumar Sethi
"Music is the best way to relax mind."- Saritha
" Music is a best friend for me."- Reena TK
" Music is a beautiful feeling."- Mahalakshmi
"Music is a Great Stress Reliever."- Saraswathi
"I believe in this quote by Bob Marley, 'One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain'." - Nagarathna
"Unnecessary sound made using instruments and human voice to break beautiful silence." - Harikrishnan PV

Why Listening To Music While Travelling Is Healthy

When you are traveling in a bus, train or a flight what is the healthiest thing to do? Well, listen to music. It works wonders.
Of course, when you put your headphones and start playing tunes on your mobile device, you can avoid talkative travelers and their meaningless discussions too!
But more than that, there are some real good health benefits of listening to soothing music during your journeys. Here are they.


Reason #1

Firstly, if you are suffering from motion sickness, music helps in diverting your mind. When your mind gets distracted in a pleasant way, your uneasiness can be minimised.


Reason #2

A study claims that music is one of the best non-medicinal but therapeutic measure to prevent the effects of motion sickness that occurs during travel. Yes, in many cases, music successfully prevented nausea!


Reason #3

Music gives a high. When you are traveling, your mood may not always be joyful. From the hygienic conditions in the bus or train to the crowd around you, anything can upset you. But music boosts your mind and simply hijacks you to another world for some time.


Reason #4

Suppose you are traveling back from work in a local train, you would generally be carrying stress on your shoulders thinking about office matters, targets, fights with colleagues and so on.
But music de-stresses you and makes you feel relaxed. Your problems seem to dissolve for a while.


Reason #5

Music can affect your hormones. Even cortisol is a hormone that is secreted due to stress. Music can work on that stress hormone and decrease its levels.


Reason #6

Another benefit of listening to music when you are traveling home is it minimises your sleep problems if you are suffering from insomnia. Listening to relaxing music during the evening can help you fall asleep sooner that night.


Reason #7

When you are travelling, you tend to be idle. An idle brain turns into a devil's workshop very fast. Music can prevent that. Music is a natural way to curb depression.


Reason #8

Relaxing music can release feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. When you get down at your destination, you tend to feel good without any reason if you listen to soothing music while travelling.
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