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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why Men Hate Modern Classical Music?!!!

Why Men Hate Modern Classical Music?!!!

Modern Classical Music
The new book, “The Music Instinct" written by philip ball, explains the reason for people's aversion towards modern classical music. The book does a comparison between traditional and modern classical music, with scientific retrospects.
Many audiences find the modern classical music very difficult to listen to. The listener's brains ought to struggle to the track patterns, which is required to understand the compositions. The listeners should find the patterns of the music to make sense of it and interpret it as a musical composition. So the modern symphonies may simply confuse the listeners.
Traditional classical music follows strict patterns and formulas, which allows the listener's brain to follow and make sense of the sounds properly.
philip ball also presents some latest scientific studies from neuroscientists, which shows that structure and patterns in music are essential for the enjoyment of music. He thinks that modern classical music is impossible to listen to.


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