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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How Music Affects Your Pregnancy?!!!

How Music Affects Your Pregnancy?!!!

Listening music during pregnancy can affect your unborn child positively. Although there is no conclusive research as of now that proves the connection between sounds during pregnancy and how it affects the baby, we have some small anecdotes that can help us to understand. To begin with we have to know what kind of music are we talking about?
What kind of music during pregnancy is good for your baby?
Pregnancy Music

Loud sounds during pregnancy disturb the unborn baby. You must not play hard rock, heavy metal or grunge music. Any kind of sounds that are discordant are not good for the baby's brain development.
Babies like a sort of comforting repetitive musical strains. It helps them build a sense of familiarity. Harmonious music like classical music will stimulate the baby positively. Mozart's musical operas are very good for you to listen during your pregnancy. So are the ragas of Indian classical music.
How does music help the unborn baby?
As of now there is no clear cut answer to this question. All we can say is that baby does hear and respond to the music as early as the first trimester of your pregnancy.
A research by Dr. Rene Van de Carr indicates that the baby paces its breathing according to beats of the music. So the more relaxing music you listen to, the slower the pace of your baby's breathing will be. The corollary is also true. If your list to fast peppy music during pregnancy, your child will breathe faster and that is a sign of anxiety.
Apart from helping the baby, listening music during pregnancy can help you get over your doldrums. Music is one of the best cures for pregnancy blues. This is because, if you are happy, your child in your womb feels the positive vibes. So if are not found of listening music start doing it for your baby.
How loud should you play music during pregnancy?
This is a vital question that most people do not address. If you want the music to reach the baby in your womb directly, then you will have to play it really close to your belly. Many mothers place head phones on their belly. However, this is not medically advisable. If the sound waves travel directly to the womb then it might be too loud for the comfort of your baby. If you play music in this way, then the time period should not exceed an hour.
Another way is to turn on the music in the stereo system as you go about your work or just relax. Here too, the volume should not exceed 70 decibels. It is better not to make any other sounds when the music is playing so that the baby hears only the melodious strains.


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